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Who is a suitable candidate for a chemical peel?
Chemical peels can be performed on most skin types. If you have sensitive skin, there may be alternative treatments that could be more beneficial in addressing your concerns. A suitable candidate should be willing to wear a sunscreen of at least an...
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Facial nano fat grafting starting at $4500

Facial nano fat grafting starting at $4500

Also known as microfat grafting, facial nano fat grafting is a fat transfer process that helps move fat from one body area to the more delicate ones, like hands and face, to lead to a softer, smoother, and more rejuvenated look. Carried by a board-certified surgeon, grafting is entirely safe and eliminates the chances of rejection from the body from the injected material or experiencing any allergic reaction. The results lasts for about three years. Purchase this cosmetic consult to get personalized consult with Dr. Berger to give you the outcome you are looking for. Cost of the consult will go towards the service booked in the clinic.
Cosmetic Surgeon
Insurance Accepted: No
Benefits of a facial nano fat grafting: Give firmer, tighter, and improved skin. Rejuvenate hand appearance Diminish the scars. Make the midface and cheeks look voluminous. Provide a more youthful look. Makes wrinkles and creases appear smooth.
Note: To get your final cost , purchase a cosmetic consult from the physician . Listed prices are usually starting prices for fillers and surgical procedures. Cost of consult will be applied towards the service booked. Clinic will call you within 24 hours to schedule the appointment . Dr Berger is accepting international patients for online consults or in person procedures.
Concern: Loose skin on neck
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