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How Can A Virtual Consultation Help My Skin?


How Can A Virtual Consultation Help My Skin?

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if a virtual consultation over the web or from your phone with an esthetician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon is going to be worth your money and time. As a founder of The Skin Consult, this is a question I want to take a moment to address.


Some people may wonder why not go in person?  Why virtual? Well, while in person visits can sometimes be necessary, “The Skin Consult methodology” does not exist elsewhere – even in person. Period. Let’s explore this further…


When you book a video consultation at The Skin Consult, the first thing you do is take 2 sets of skin quizzes that help us give data driven, accurate recommendations to you during your live consultation. That’s right! We collect over 25 data points to calculate your skin type across 4 categories: how oily to dry you are, what your risk of pigmentation is, how sensitive your skin is, and lastly how wrinkle prone you are. These 4 measurements of skin type are typically evaluated by dermatologists if they were to go through an entire series of questions with you and then give you this information. But in reality, in person visits at dermatologist offices or a med spa do not always take this into account.


Secondly, once you take this quiz, you have the option to select your OWN provider from a selection of over 30 vetted skin care professionals who are passionate about personalized skincare and love educating patients about their lifestyle, skincare products and making science backed recommendations. Here at The Skin Consult, we are extremely selective about the providers we onboard. Imagine if you could find someone like this in person anytime you book an appointment with an aesthetic physician down the street or an esthetician for a facial? In my experience, I have never had this level of detailed knowledge sharing and passion to help me with my skin with any in person provider.


Third, you are given the opportunity to pick your provider based on what expertise you are seeking, be it for acne, pregnancy skincare, hyperpigmentation or skin of color! Imagine if you could “filter” which provider you could book whenever you go somewhere in person?


Next, you are able to pick your own date and time for a 30 minute video virtual consultation. That’s right – THIRTY MINUTES. You typically will not get this amount of dedicated time to speak to a provider if you go see someone in person. In addition, we cover all time zones so if you are a busy mom or a professional with a job and don’t have time to go see someone at 2 PM in the afternoon, The Skin Consult can help you book and see your professional at a time that’s most convenient for you. Even if that’s at 10 PM or 2 o’clock on a Sunday!  As a mom of 3 myself, this is what I need. I simply don’t have time to call around to 3 different places to schedule an appointment that may or may not even meet my needs. Oh and by the way – – This personalized consultation is included quarterly when you become a TSC Concierge member! We understand that as life changes, your skin does too. We want to be there to walk with your skin every step of the way.


Once you are booked, all you have to do is log into your account during your appointment time and click on “start consultation”. Voila! You will be connected to your skincare professional who will go over your skin quiz results, discuss your goals and expectations, and build a treatment plan by making very accurate product recommendations that our AI enabled algorithm has helped them put together. We’ve worked diligently to make this process as personalized as possible. With over 130 products currently on our platform, the provider has a wide range of options to truly customize your skincare regimen without being limited to only products they sell in their office (which can be highly biased).


You might be wondering, “can this virtual consultation help me get personalized skincare regimen recommendations for other brands and products The Skin Consult doesn’t verify or sell?” The short answer is YES.. but we take pride in reviewing and testing all of these so that we can be 100% confident in the products on the platform. To date, we have had 100% customer satisfaction for their regimens because of this! But yes- feel free to ask your TSC provider for recommendations for a drugstore retinol or vitamin C if you so choose.  If they think there is a good alternative out there, then they will happily refer you to it!


Now.. what about prescriptions? Currently this offering is available for CA and TX residents only. So, if you book with one of our MD providers, you are able to get prescriptions. (**Our MDs cannot write prescriptions for accutane.**)


Accessibility to your provider is one of our key offerings! As such, after the virtual consultation, you can still reach them through your dashboard to ask follow up questions, add photos to your skin diary, view your provider notes and recommendations, refill your product purchases and check in with your provider. It really is that convenient and easy. In fact, people love that they can simply buy their entire personalized skincare regimen that was recommended with a simple click of a button.Then, you just sit back and wait for your curated box of skincare with your personalized hand written recommendation card to show up at your doorstep. How convenient, right?


Again, if you are a TSC Concierge subscriber, you will automatically have access to an included virtual consultation once every 3 months. Life changes, as does your skin. We want to be there for you through every season! In the world of Uber and Instacart, it’s about time we bring that level of convenience and accessibility to the beauty world.. but with accurate, data-driven personalization. We are passionate about making personalized skincare regimens both accessible and affordable.


If you’d like to learn more about becoming a TSC Concierge member or booking your virtual consultation, tap here to reach out to our concierge esthetican and book a membership advisor call today! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.


About The Skin Consult

The Skin Consult is the largest virtual skin care clinic where patients can connect and video chat with licensed skin care providers. We believe in the power of skincare, and we want to empower people to take control of their own skin by providing an evidence-based routine. ⁠

Our mission is to help everyone achieve healthy and beautiful skin through education, personalized consultations, and easy access to quality products.⁠

We are on a mission to build this ecosystem of skincare providers, consumers and science backed brands!

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