Sajani Barot Is Changing The Face of Beauty Tech with The Skin Consult

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, solving problems is in Dr. Sajani Barot’s DNA. A fascination with chemistry led Dr. Barot to a career in pharmacy, but it was her attempt to solve her own skin struggles that resulted in The Skin Consult. This concierge skincare consultation service combines cutting-edge technology with expert advice.


Dr. Barot’s own skin troubles surfaced when she moved from Chicago to the warmer climate of the southern United States. She scoured the internet and physical storefronts looking for relief from hyperpigmentation and acne. Finding that social media influencer marketing and a lack of solid regulations on skincare were skewing the perceived efficacy of popular products, Dr. Barot did what she did best: she researched.

“There are so many products on the market,” says Dr. Barot, “deciding what was safe for my particular skin type became overwhelming. I came to understand that the skincare industry is far less regulated than pharmaceuticals. Given my background in clinical research, I felt a need to provide people with an evidence-based means of finding skincare solutions easily.”

In her research, Dr. Barot found that most people take a trial-and-error approach to solve their skin woes, often ending up disappointed in the results. Her solution was to take the guesswork out of finding the best products for specific skin issues, and save consumers from having a medicine cabinet full of useless products.


Dr. Barot’s solution to the overwhelming amount of products, and the hunting and pecking for one that works, was to create The Skin Consult. The virtual service connects consumers with skincare professionals online and in their own communities. For the first time, peer reviews, social media data, and online content about providers are available in one unified platform.

“Visiting doctor after doctor to address your skincare needs is inconvenient and ineffective,” Dr. Barot mentions. “Our platform streamlines the process and makes it manageable.”

The Skin Consult offers state-of-the-art virtual consultations, putting consumers in contact with a number of skin care experts who can direct people to the best solutions for a litany of skin issues. Proprietary algorithms guide consumers toward professionals and products that are tailored to their needs and can be found in their area.


Skincare brands and companies have taken to the internet in droves throughout the past decade, making wild claims about their effectiveness and miracle cures. As a result, it can often be difficult for skincare companies offering tested and proven products to be noticed amid the crowded online industry.

“The Skin Consult is building e-commerce and booking tools that enable medical experts to offer science-backed services and products through an online marketplace,” explains Dr. Barot.

Skincare that has been offered in the past through doctor’s offices or medspas is now turning to e-commerce to reach the market. The Skin Consult’s site and algorithm allow these professionals to offer their tested products directly to those who need them the most. In a win/win arrangement for both the skincare professional and the consumer, the professional is given more complete access to the market, and the consumer has better access to tested products. In a flooded market where glitz and glamour often overshadow science-backed and clinically-researched products, The Skin Consult gives power back to professionals and savvy consumers.


With virtual access to skincare professionals, the ability to book in-person visits with vetted doctors and aestheticians, and customized products delivered right to a consumer’s door, The Skin Consult is taking skin care to a whole new level. Their membership program sends curated discovery boxes to members catered to acne issues, hyperpigmentation, and anti-aging needs. Each box is stocked with five products that specifically address the skincare pain points identified during the virtual consult with one of The Skin Consult’s connected professionals. Members also receive discounts on medical-grade products.


Dr. Barot knows that she is bringing sorely-needed disruption and relief to the skincare market. After experiencing her own challenges finding tested and effective products for her specific needs, she is confident The Skin Consult is meeting an opportune moment.


“Every day, there are new brands launching in a very crowded space,” says Dr. Barot. “A trusted platform can help the best of these brands stand out and continue to be available to the public. Our marketplace offers a place for consumers to find the lesser-known brands that are vetted by experts in the field.”

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