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Mini beauty procedures to make you feel confident

Mini beauty procedures
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Mini beauty procedures to make you feel confident

As you approach late 30s, you might be feeling your body changing. From hair to skin, subtle hormonal changes can cause distinct physical changes that are just becoming more apparent now. In media, you may see bigger procedures talk about like tummy tuck for abdominal tightening, surgical facial revision for face lift, gastric bypass for weight loss. Did you know there is a boom in science backed innovation in minimal, non-invasive procedures with no down time to feel yourself again? Advances in science and technology have allowed doctors to develop quick procedures that can done with local anesthesia in a med spa near me. Let’s dive into those and how you can find a credible medical provider near you to schedule a consult with.

  • Buccal Fat Removal

    Buccal Fat Removal

    What is buccal fat removal?

    To get that sculpted, contoured raised cheeks, you can consider this minimal and easy procedure. Typically done by board certified cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon, a small incision is made inside the mouth at the cheek to access the fat pad and some fat is removed.

    How long do results last for buccal fat removal?

    Unlike injectables, this a permanent solution to raised cheeks. However, weight gain or further aging can affect results. This is why continuing with anti-aging skin care is super important.

  • Lip lift

    What is a lip lift?


    Popular and loved by many women, this is a solution you can consider if you have done lip fillers, have darker lips or need more longer lasting results. In this procedure, some skin between the upper lip and the base of the nose is removed, enhancing the lips shape, and allowing more of the pink slip to show.

    How long does a lip lift take?

    Typically, an hour with local anesthesia. You will have a few days of downtime.

    What is the downside of a lip lift?

    Scarring. As with any cut made into our skin, there is a chance for scarring on the skin above the lip. However, if done by the right credible medical provider and scar management, this scar becomes barely visible.Typically, an hour with local anesthesia. You will have a few days of downtime.

  • Renuvion + MyEllevate


    What is MyEllevate?

    MyEllevate is a minimally invasive, light guided procedure that uses semipermanent sutures to re-elevate facial and neck muscles.

    What is Renuvion?

    Renuvion is an FDA cleared device that improves skin laxity under the chin and on the neck using helium plasma, and radio frequency delivered by a probe under the skin.Both renuvion and myellevate are used together to get tighter facial skin and improve lines on face and neck.

    How long do results last for MyEllevate?

    Typically, 3-5 years.

  • Preservation Rhinoplasty

    What is a preservation rhinoplasty?


    Typically, when looking to tweak your nose to look sharper, small, or straighter, a rhinoplasty procedure done by board certified plastic surgeons involves removing part of cartilage, tissue, and bones out of the nose. However, with preservation rhinoplasty technique, much of the bone and tissue in the nose is retained. It uses an ultrasonic device to reshape the bone leading to less post procedure swelling and trauma to the tissue. It is ideal for making small revisions to the nose.

    How long do the results of a preservation rhinoplasty last?


  • Chin and Jawline liposuction

    What is a chin liposuction?

     chin liposuction

    As the word description, this minimal downtime procedure is meant to give you that snatched born with sculpted face look. When done by the right provider, these procedures can give you lasting results without needing any other lasers or injectables. Fat is removed from the chine or jawline area with only local anesthesia. If there is significant fat removed, skin tightening and rejuvenating laser procedure like Morpheus near me is recommended.

    No matter what you do, keep in mind that a proper regimen of active ingredients-based skin care is vital for maintaining your results and potentially delaying the need for some procedures. This is why most board-certified plastic surgeons near me who have seen it all recommend preventative anti-aging skin care in your late 20s.

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