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New Advances in Eye Aesthetics

New Advances in Eye Aesthetics
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New Advances in Eye Aesthetics


Time to level UP the eyelids? The Upneeq facial treatment is a new way to temporarily improve droopy eyelids, with just a daily dose of this product. This type of non-surgical treatment creates a result that many will benefit from, and even those who are not ready for eyelid surgery or those suffering from low-lying eyelids due to BOTOX injections. Upneeq is the first FDA approve technique to treat drooping eyelids. This product won’t provide the same results that a long-term eye surgery would but gives a cosmetic benefit that will last for up to at least 6 hours after the treatment. The dose is taken once daily and provided with instructions by your trusted doctor.

Am I ready to see eye-to-eye with this new eye product?

Yes, if you have mild, moderate or severe eyelid ptosis (sagging), not taking any medications that will interfere with Upneeq, and have a medical history that is safe for the product provided by the doctor. In that case, Upneeq may interfere with the following medications if they are taken at the same time; beta blockers, anti-hypertensive medications, cardiac glycosides, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Hit the splurge on the surge or this treatment?

Upneeq is perfect for those who don’t need a long-term treatment and only want a mild improvement of ptosis. It is by no means a substitute to eye lift surgery which offers results that are lasting and treat both genetic and droopy eyelids. While the effects of the drooping eyelids in Botox are temporary, the drooping can be solved with upneeq to stimulate the eyelid to elevate more normally. So, investing in the eye treatment that can elevate your health and eyelids.


What’s all the Tepezzaz behind the Tepezza treatment? Tepezza is an IV infusion that is injected into a vein, every three to five weeks, and can last up to five months. It helps minimize the double vision and bulging of the eyes, while also relieving Thyroid Eye Symptoms such as discomfort, redness, and edema.

A doctor’s approval is recommended for those who are struggling with inflammatory bowl syndrome, diabetes, or hyperglycemia. Additionally, for those who are pregnant, this may be a steer-clear treatment due to its potential effects on an unborn child.

Tepezza has a few side effects that should be noted before the treatment. First, infusion reactions may occur in the first 24 hours following the injection. The reactions described are typically moderate in intensity but follow with symptoms such as; blood pressure, feeling hot, dyspnea, headaches, and muscle discomfort. A few others of the side effects are dry skin, muscle spasms, nausea, fatigue, weakness, altered hearing and muscle cramps. With doctor’s consent, these symptoms can be noted and reduced with other medications.

Toxin injections like Botox or Jeauveau can also be used for lid ptosis.

Recently in 2022, FDA approved Juvederm Volbella CX for improvement of infraorbital hollows in adults .

Thanks to a robust pipeline here are some additional new unique treatments to keey an eye on for 2023

  • An injectable drug ( Peregrine Ophthalmic ) that seeks to reduce unwanted under eye bag fat to improve the overall appearance of patients treated eyes
  • A novel drug (DelNova ) that would allow providers to reverse adverse reactions that are caused by neurotoxins including ptotic eye lids, heavy eyebrows, and worsening mylar edema
  • A non invasive laser (Stroma Medical) for permanent eye color change to lighten eye color progressively with each treatment

However with all these advances it is important to choose a practitioner that knows what they are doing and is well trained to administer these treatments safely. With benefits , comes risk if not done properly. The most common complications around eyelid are heavy eyebrows and droopy eyelids. Dermal filler injections particularly when injected into the glabella, the nasal bridge, carry a risk of blindness.

If this sounds right for you, then take a close look into these new eye aesthetic treatments offered by licensed providers near you.

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