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How to have a successful open house

How to have a successful open house
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How to have a successful open house

Remember those days when you would walk in seeing your mother at a tupperware or mary kay party? It was the only way to buy that product and learn more about its benefits. Now in 2023, things have changed . There is more education on social media on skin care and aesthetics than ever before. However, accessing medical grade skincare or aesthetic services like botox, jueveau is still not as personalized like a tupperware party where you learn all about its benefits in an intimate setting. With the increase of available options of providers and med spas, there is more competition than ever before. So how do we keep the client stay loyal to the provider?

For a med spa, open houses have been a popular way to create a fun ambiance for potential and current clients to learn about a new service or product line you have added to your business. Most millennials and all Gen-Z prefer to do things online and not spend extra time talking to someone when they can get this information online. So how can the open house or botox party trend still be relevant ?

One thing that covid taught is that many things that required physical presence can now be done virtually as well. We reached out to some med spa owners to get their success factors to getting more sales and conversions for an open house.

  • Tip # 1

    Keep a theme

    When it comes to marketing, niche based marketing is essential. If you speak to everyone, you are speaking to no one. So a good strategy is to break up your open houses into specific themes to attract the specific audience you want to grow in your practice. For example, an Age with Grace theme can be focused on women in their 40s+ who are considering neuromodulators, fillers or even certain high ticket services like microneedling or body contouring . Another example can be New Moms Bestie theme to focus on skin tightening, self care facials, glow peels and skincare. This will increase your turn out rate and also keep your marketing audience more engaged for “what's next”.

    If you don't have a properly segmented email list for marketing, the skin consult platform can help you with that. How? Have your existing clients and anyone new that comes into the med spa,or visit your site take your personalized skincare quiz powered by the skin consult. You can then see these results on your vendor dashboard so when you market to these clients, you have their skin concerns and skin type information.

  • Tip # 2

    Follow Up

    You may get a great turn out but often the challenge is then following up with those that were on the fence to book soon. Marketing statistics show that consumers are most likely to purchase within 24 hours of being introduced to a new offer. Imagine having 50 people come to the open house and you have to physically have your staff call them to book the service over the phone. This can be daunting, frustrating, and not efficient use of your staff’s time. One way to go around this is to use The Skin Consult’s platform to create your own microsite within minutes. You can promote these limited time offers during the open house with a QR code. Now the client can instantly put in a credit card and be done . All you have to do is now schedule them with your own booking system.

  • Tip # 3

    Dont ignore skincare

    Often med spas heavily promote expensive services to get a better return on investment for their machines. However, majority of consumers are not going to put down thousands of dollars when they are not properly educated on the importance of doing these services like microneedling, lasers, chemical peels, injectables until they have had a proper skin care routine figured out and started to TRUST you as a practice. This is why during open houses, ask your esthetician to do mini skin consult and get them on a proper regimen first. The skin consult integrated commerce platform allows you to sell your products and communicate with the client to follow up easily from the vendor dashboard. This continues to build rapport and trust between the provider and client.

  • Tip # 4

    Make it convenient to take advantage of the promotions online

    With virtual being an option for everything now, make your open house DIGITAL. With the skin consult’s integrated commerce platform, you can easily set promotions on certain products and services for that day which can be sent to your e-mail list and also shared via social media. A few days prior to the event, send out an email with your skin care quiz to get clients excited and look forward to doing a mini consultation with your provider. In case someone cant come, they can still buy their products and services from the recommendations from you that day.

    Consumer marketing is getting more competitive as more businesses are fighting for customer attention. Make your open house unique, purposeful and all about the customer ! This will in turn increase your conversions and sales as well.

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